ADS-B out: Be ready for the mandate

FAA and EASA mandate that all Aircraft flying need to be equipped with an upgraded version of ADS-B out (DO-260B). As currently limited number of aircraft are flying with compliant hardware, a large retrofit program needs to be started, where 40,000 aircraft need to be modified!

Fokker offers ADS-B out solutions for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Fokker aircraft types

  • Airbus: A320 series
  • Boeing: B737 Classic and NG ; B757 ; B767
  • Bombardier: Dash8 Classic ; Q400
  • Fokker: Fokker 50 ; 60 ; 70 ; 100

To request information or proposal, please provide Erik with an email regarding your request. We will be able to determine the most economical solution for your specific fleet.
Is your aircraft type not in the above list? Please provide Erik with a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss possible solutions.

This will open our leaflet on the ADS-B out solution we offer you (PDF, 1.8MB)

GKN Aerospace has succesfully obtained an EASA STC for the ADS-B Out modification on the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 - Read more (PDF)
GKN Aerospace partners with SmartLynx for ADS-B Out modification on Airbus A320 fleet (PR)
GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business announces Air Iceland order for ADS-B Out (PR)

Contact Fokker Services
We invite you to contact our ADS-B out specialist Mr. Erik Lous to talk about your specific fleet requirements.

Regulatory documents:
USA (Mandate; January 01, 2020): FAA: 14 CFR 91.225 , 14 CFR 91.227 and AC 20-165B
Europe (Mandate; June 07, 2020): EU IR No. 1207/2011, No. 1028/2014 and CS-ACNS

Equipment qualification:
ATC Mode S Transponder 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B RTCA MOPS DO-260B or EUROCAE ED-102A (E)TSO-C166b
GNSS Sensor: RTCA MOPS DO-229() (E)TSO-C145, (E)TSO-C146.
An ADS-B In mandate does not exist at this time.