Aerotron Airpower d.b.a. Fokker Services Americas

As an independent MRO provider, we accept our mandate to provide the very best support in resources. Fokker Services Americas offers a strong capability covering the latest in component technologies, proprietary computerized test equipment, MRO Services, a strong support inventory and a staff that is recognized as the best in the aviation industry.

Fokker Services Americas is positioned to support the dynamic requirements of today’s aviation industry. Our promise is to focus our enterprise and continue our growth in the support of leading edge programs and technologies for our customers.


We accept the industry mandate to assure the lowest, longterm cost for our customers. And equally important, we recognize the enormous value of maintaining flexibility to direct our investments and resources in order that we may quickly respond to our customer’s requests. We promise to maintain this history of flexibility and response and thereby assure delivery of our most important product, “Customer Satisfaction”. Because that is what we call it “Our Commitment.”

Whether you need a comprehensive set of aircraft support services, or a tailored package of Component MRO services, Fokker Services Americas has all the skills and capabilities in house to exceed your requirements.

Commitment on Cost Savings
We commit ourselves to Cost Savings. We keep costs down by understanding what drives them up. We understand that the price of individual repairs is not the most reliable indicator of the total cost of ownership of the aircraft. 
With 40 years of experience in component MRO services, we use our knowledge of failure rates to focus our reliability improvements on those parts that need most maintenance and contribute most in your total cost of ownership.
We use PMA or pre-owned components to reduce repair costs, and our FAA-recognized DER extends parts life by engineering quality repairs that reduce the need to replace major parts.

Services of Fokker Aerotron
Fokker Services Americas specializes in component MRO services for a wide variety of aircraft components operated aboard all of the Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, Lockheed and McDonnell-Douglas aircraft.

Beyond technical expertise, Fokker Services Americas is committed to providing responsive, caring customer service. Because we’re not constrained by union rules or OEM rigidity, we’re flexible and responsive. And our dedicated customer services staff will get to know you, acting as your own representative, with your objectives in mind every day.

Long known as an industry leader in the service of complex pneumatic components, Fokker Aerotron continues to build our support of your existing and newer fleets. We have further increased our air supply and storage capacities, allowing us to test to specs virtually any pneumatic unit flying.

“State of the Art” Pneumatic test stands and Cells:

  • High and Low Flow ~ High and Low Pressure
  • True “hot air” capabilities beyond 1200° F.
  • Huge Compressor and air storage capacities
  • Comprehensive fixtures and tooling
  • Automated tests for dozens of components
  • Highly trained and skilled technicians

Repair/Overhaul Capabilities:

  • Air Cycle Machines
  • Air Turbine Starters
  • Pneumatic Drive Actuators
  • Flow Control Valves
  • All types of Pneumatic Valves
  • And much, much, more….

Fokker Services Americas’s hydraulic test stands can handle any hydraulic component fl ying today. Our test equipment features built-in automated test capabilities for greater efficiency and accuracy of tests.

Newest-generation Avtron stands:

  • Hydraulic Actuating and Pumping Stands
  • Multi-Station and Computer Assisted
  • 90 GPM @ 500 psi; 50 GPM @ 3000 psi; 35 GPM @ 5000 psi
  • Avtron Data Acquisition System (ADAS)
  • Built-in software for automated test of hundreds of components

Repair/Overhaul Capabilities:

  • Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps
  • Yaw Damper Servo Actuators
  • Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder PCU’s
  • Landing Gear Actuators
  • Valves, and much more…

Our Engineering Services
Fokker Services Americas employs a full-time Engineering Department staffed with experienced component engineers from the airline and defense contractor industries, including at least one FAA Designated Engineering Representative.

We specialize in the design and substantiation of a wide variety of repair schemes, reworks, alterations, and redesigned PMA parts. These are all developed with the goal of reducing our customers operating costs by improving reliability and reducing repair costs.

With over 20 years experience working directly for major airlines and defense aviation contractors, our engineering staff is uniquely positioned to view and innovate approved repairs as would any fleet seeking the ultimate cost and reliability benefits. This enormous airline experience has also allowed Fokker Services Americas to vastly expand our horizons by working together with various aircraft system OEMs.