Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)

Controller–Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) is a method by which air traffic controllers can communicate with pilots over a datalink system. It is a way to exchange (non-critical) information with ATC via text message and is supplementary to voice communication. Starting February 5th, 2020, CPDLC is mandated within EU airspace from FL290 and above. Ref. EC regulation 2015/310.

CPDLC mandated in European airspace per February 5th, 2020

CPDLC offers many advantages over conventional voice communication, including: alleviation of voice congestion, reduction of communication errors, operational benefits and optimum routes.

The CPDLC system requires a CMU (Communication Management Unit), VDR (VHF Data Radio), CDU (Control and Display Unit), dedicated VHF channel, GNSS source (time synchronization) and a cockpit alert.

Fokker Services offers CPDLC solutions for Airbus and Boeing aircraft

Solutions offered to you by Fokker Services include:

  • STC's available for Spectralux DLink+ for the B737CL, B737NG and 757
  • STC's for Spectralux Envoy. Fokker Services will develop STCs for the Boeing 737 Next Gen as well as for the Airbus A320 Family of aircraft.

Amongst our current list of customers of the DLink+ solution are numerous well established European airlines including national flag carriers.

July 2019: GKN Fokker Services and Spectralux sign an exclusive distributor agreement.

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