Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)

Are you ready for the mandate in 2020?

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European airspace and its Air Traffic Control systems are undergoing a transformation and Fokker Services is proud to be on board with a new upgrade program that flawlessly complies with imminent and mandatory operational rule changes. Our team has spent years developing a range of modern avionics modifications including ADS-B Out, RNP (GNSS), TCAS 7.1. Now, the latest addition, CPDLC contributes significantly to the shift from Air Traffic Control (ATC) to Air Traffic Management (ATM). This ground-to-air “data link” provides an additional communication bridge between pilots and controllers through the power of text messaging – a crucial addition to voice communication in today’s busy skies. (Ref. European Commission Regulation EC 2015/310)

CPDLC mandated in European airspace per February 5th, 2020

CPDLC offers many advantages over conventional voice communication, such as: improved safety by reducing communication errors, reduced pilot workload, increased flight communication efficiency, increased ATC awareness of operational preferences and improved aeronautical meteorological reports which raises environmental awareness of both ATC and Flight Crew.

Fokker Services, exclusively provides a unique CPDLC solution featuring the advanced Spectralux Dlink+ technology. At the latest software revision, this equipment delivers Eurocontrol ANSP “White List” status with its characteristic low Provider Abort (PA) rate. Dlink+ is a highly affordable unit which integrates three avionics modules: CMU (Communications Management Unit), VDR (VHF Digital Radio), and Multi-function Control and Display Unit (MCDU).

Fokker Services offers CPDLC solutions for Airbus A320 fam. and Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft

What is included in the Fokker Services CPDLC solution? Depending upon your specific requirements and existing system configuration, various pieces of equipment would be installed and tested, including:

  • Spectralux Dlink+ unit
  • Dedicated VHF antenna
  • GNSS antenna

Partnering with us means accessing our OEM legacy and related in-depth aircraft knowledge.

Why choose Fokker Services as your CPDLC solution provider?
Fokker Services is your trustworthy aviation service provider for the CPDLC modification. We keep our customers at the heart of all we do. Compliance made easy, with Fokker Services as we offer:

  1. Flexibility. Every customer and aircraft is unique, demanding distinct configurations. Fokker Services’ skilled engineering team understands this, and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to transforming problems into solutions.
  2. Quality. We are committed to impeccable work quality in our Supplementary Type Certificates (STC), rooted in decades of former OEM knowledge, experience, and a long-standing heritage.
  3. Promptness. When we say we’ll deliver on-time, we mean it, delivering comprehensive solutions time after time. Our lead times are short to ensure on-time equipping and in line with customer expectations.
  4. Communication. Our dependable team will maintain a constant line of communication with you every step of the way towards your complete, unsurpassed satisfaction. You will enjoy the reach and richness of our customer portal
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Compared to other OEM solutions, Fokker Services CPDLC solution is incredibly cost-effective – without compromising a thing. We deliver a timetable to ensure on-time regulatory compliance, every time.
  6. Customers. Amongst our current list of customers of the DLink+ solution are numerous well established European airlines including national flag carriers.
  7. Extras. Our simple, cost-effective solution is capable of fulfilling optional data transmissions, including Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and Airline Operational Communication (AOC).

July 2019: GKN Fokker Services and Spectralux sign an exclusive distributor agreement. 
Nov 2019: Video on YouTube:

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