Cabin Scenting System by Fokker & Rituals

Increase passenger comfort and improve your brand awareness by providing your passengers with a great new service. Introduce our innovation to your fleet: cabin scents, developed by Fokker Services, Rituals and Sense Company. As many marketeers in hotels and store chains have discovered, scents are the missing link in the way brands are communicating. Now you can use the influence of scent to improve your passenger’s experience while boarding the aircraft or during flight..

Slow Down

Why cabin scenting?
Passengers nowadays are more and more aware of their surroundings and expect to be treated with the same comfort as they are accustomed to on the ground. Each of the 5 senses are stimulated during flight, where airlines are doing everything they can to provide enjoyable food for the taste, comfortable seats for the feeling of comfort, create soothing surroundings for the eyes by mood lighting and provide high quality In-Flight Entertainment for the eyes and ears. However, one major sense, responsible for an important part for the mood of a passenger, is still overlooked.

Enjoyable and well-designed scents can significantly increase passenger’s comfort and will take away major annoyances during flight, and that it can influence the mood of your passengers in a positive way.

Besides passenger’s appeal, a scented cabin is an ideal way to increase brand awareness, by having the availability to confront your passengers on every step of their journey with the particular scent that they will link to your airline. Furthermore, scenting is a great trigger to generate ancillary revenues, by boosting inflight sales.

Relaxed Travel for Mind, Body and Soul

The product
Fokker Services identified this opening in the market and initiated a cooperation with Rituals and Sense Company to combine the strengths of both companies.

Product overview:

  • Distribution of scent through the air-conditioning system
  • The control is programmed before or during flight, by the flight attendants through a control panel
  • Distribution of scent throughout all phases of flight (boarding, taxi, take-off, cruise, approach, off-boarding)
  • Easily replaceable cartridges with scenting oil

The commercial model is based on an initial installation fee per aircraft and a monthly subscription fee per aircraft for the scenting oil.

Unique Partnership
Fokker has teamed up with world-renown cosmetics brand Rituals to introduce the cabin scenting product to the airline industry. Sense Company, a long-term partner of Rituals, provides the means for a smooth and seamless scent distribution. 

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