Fokker Services is an integrated, knowledge based services organisation that partners with manufacturers, owners and operators of aircraft in the continued competitive operation of their fleet by increasing technical dispatch reliability (TDR) and passenger comfort while reducing direct operating cost (DOC).

For Continued Competitive Operation

Today, Fokker Services has earned its position as unique and valuable partner for the global aerospace industry, supporting a large fleet of various aircraft types. Capabilities include Component Availability Programs, Flighthour based Component Repairs, Engineering and Documentation Support and Airframe Maintenance, Modifications, Conversion and Completion capabilities.

Fokker Services prides itself on its experience in the aviation industry. A partner that derives from a heritage that goes back to 100 years. Following Fokker’s worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of reliable aircraft, Fokker Services now applies its decades of know-how in providing first-class maintenance to aircraft operators. Fokker Services derives from this passion – we call it our heritage.

AOG Support

For AOG Support: Fokker Services 24/7 AOG-Desk phone number: +31-88-6280888 world-wide. In addition to your first call you may send an e-mail to the Fokker Services AOG-desk at:

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