Since 1995 Fokker Landing Gear has been actively engaged in the development of  technology for the application of thick-walled Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC) in single load path, flight critical primary structural components typical for landing gears. The development is done in a structured manner, not limited to component design, analysis and qualification but also covering area’s such as affordability, manufacturability, inspection methods, damage tolerance and other areas essential for a safe and successful introduction in operation. 2010, FLG signed an agreement with Goodrich Landing Gear for the design, development and qualification of a complete PMC drag brace system for the F35 Lightning II CTOL and STOVL variants.

Our continued efforts in this development have brought PMC technology on Landing Gear to a readiness level where various applications can now be qualified and certified against typical FAA / EASA requirements, unleashing an impressive potential of proven benefits:

Aircraft Performance

  • Increased performance due to weight reductions of up to 30%
  • Increased durability and robustness of Landing Gear 
  • Elimination of typical metal Corrosion and Cracking


  • Lower component Direct Maintenance Cost of up to 30%
  • Lead time reductions of 50% or more
  • Lower aircraft Direct Operating Cost due to lower weight


  • Less CO2 emissions (up to 1 million kilos over aircraft life)
  • No chemical treatments during production (Nickel, Chromium, Cadmium)
  • Substantial Noise reduction from landing gear, due to acoustic design optimization