OEM Partnering and Support Services

There’s a huge gap between end-of-production and end‑of‑life of an aircraft. When the production of a specific aircraft is ended, the system OEMs are faced with several challenges including decreased volume, obsolescence, capacity constraints and competition from non-OEMs alternatives. The key activities needed are the core business of Fokker and over many years we have gained our competitive advantage in:

  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Components Repair and Programs
  • Asset Management
  • Modifications

We support your out of production systems

Increase your profitability
Outsourcing non-core platforms and activities to Fokker Services will allow you to improve the value chain eliminating non-value activities. This means reducing the cost structure and re-focusing resources on core platforms and innovation. Thanks to our experience and focus on legacy platforms for many years, we are able to win volume back from non-OEM approved solutions and therefore to increase your profitability.

Through our programs we have been able to increase customer satisfaction, while improving operating and financial results of the OEMs.

Learn more by reading our flyer on OEM Partnering. (pdf, 500KB)
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