The RETROFIT project is a coordination and support action within the EC seventh framework program in which Fokker Services B.V. , ADSE, NLR, AD CUENTA B.V., PARAGON S.A. and L-UP SAS work together to analyze the possibilities and attractiveness to retrofit the large existing fleet of commercial airliners with new technical solutions. RETROFIT: Reduced Emissions of TRansport aircraft Operations by Fleetwise Implementation of new Technology.

EU Framework programs aim to provide improvements in cost-effectiveness, passenger friendliness and environmental impact of new transport aircraft. Typically the development time of a new aircraft program is around five years. It may be another 10 years before a sizeable fleet of the new aircraft is in operation. This would imply that it will take at least 15 years before the benefits of new technologies become noticeable on a global scale.

Retrofitting existing aircraft with separate new technologies will enable these aircraft to effectively bridge the gap between the current generation and new generations of aircraft. This can imply that specific new technologies can already be applied in the market and air transport will not have to wait until a large number of new technologies will be available to justify a new generation of aircraft. This will help innovation in the sector by the quick application of novel technologies and will help to make current products responding to societal needs.

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