Structural Parts Availability Service

The Structural Parts Availability Service is a logistic program that allows operators to avoid large investments in expensive spare parts, such as flight control surfaces and doors. Operators can rely on the availability of these structure parts at Fokker Services.

Inventory Optimization Analysis
Inventory Optimization Analysis provides the operator a Stock Consultancy Service in order to provide a recommendation that contains the right balance between the Stock Investment and the Service Level. It will establish a clear picture of the current Operator stock level versus availability. The stock will be seperated in, as called, "dead" stock, surplus stock and shortages based on the operators consumption rates in the past few years. As a result Inventory Optimization Analysis will maximize your service level while your investment will go down. Inventory Optimization Analysis will enhance control and visibility for your management. The Analysis can include all inventory types such as repairables, expendables, consumables and tooling. Availability can be optimized to a maximum, when Fokker Services, at their facilities, increases the availability of parts that has been specificly used by the operator, while as a result the operators stock on site will decrease in value and qty to a minimum required. 
We invite you to read more in our Aircraft In-Service Support Leaflet (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Rent a Tool
Pool of essential and occasionally-used tools. You no longer have to buy these tools, store them on the shelf, maintain them and calibrate them to standards. This service is designed to support the continued competitive operation of your Fokker aircraft. We invite you to read our Rent-a-Tool Leaflet (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Single Exchange Services
Keeping your aircraft in the air and minimizing downtime is essential for your continued, competitive operation. Component failure is a costly situation for which we offer cost-effective solutions. Components are expensive to buy and a waste of space and money in-house. Component repair takes time, and time is money! Fokker’s longstanding Single Exchange Service, provides solutions to all of these problems by exchanging our serviceable component with your failed one.

Fokker’s Single Exchange Service offers you:

  • 15,000+ repairable components in stock
  • Quickly back in operation
  • In-house repair shops
  • Market competitive price
  • High quality component with correct certification

With more than 40 years experience in aircraft parts and component support, Fokker is a worthy partner in the age old race against the clock; offering safe and affordable answers to keep you flying!