The documents below specify the Quality requirements that are additive to procurement contracts, in order to provide guidance for suppliers and other organizations in the control and delivery requirements of products, goods and services; and to provide the assurance of supplier's conformity to Fokker Aerostructures and applicable regulatory requirements.

Please check your Purchase Order for the applicable requirements.

Document title
Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements AnnB-SQARen2010 Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (standard)   ---
Boeing Apache Spar Box Appendix I BNG-3020 Apache Spar Box - Standard   AS
Boeing Apache Spar Box AppB-2en2008 Apache Spar Box - Manes   AM
Boeing Apache IEFAB's Block II/III AppI-SQARen2014 Apache IEFAB's Block II and III      BZ/BX
CBRN Sampling Shelter (1) AppI-SQARen2012 CBRN Sampling Shelter (type 01)   RA01
CBRN Sampling Shelter (2) AppI-SQARen2012 CBRN Sampling Shelter (type 02)   RA02
CBRN Sampling Shelter (3) AppI-SQARen2012 CBRN Sampling Shelter (type 03)   RA03
Dassault F7X Falcon AppI-SQARen2012 Dassault    DA
Dassault F5X App I-SQAR Dassault F5X   DB
E-Lighter (DEF-3010) Appendix I DEF-3010 E-Lighter (AQAP-2110)   PL01
E-Lighter (DEF-3011) Appendix I DEF-3011 E-Lighter (AQAP-2120)   PL02
E-Lighter (DEF-3012) Appendix I DEF-3012 E-Lighter (AQAP-2130)   PL03
E-Lighter (DEF-3013) Appendix I DEF-3013 E-Lighter (AQAP-2131)   PL04
E-Lighter (DEF-3014) Appendix I DEF-3014 E-Lighter   PL05
E-Lighter (Appendix M) Appendix M E-Lighter   PL06
E-Lighter (Appendix C) Appendix C E-Lighter   PL06.1
E-Lighter (Appendix G) Appendix G E-lighter   PL06.2
Gulfstream programs (GAC-3010) Appendix I  Gulfstream programs   GF
Hondajet HA-420
NH90 Helicopter
Appendix I-SQARen2014 Hondajet HA-420
AppI-90en2012 Quality requirements NH90
NH90 Helicopter AppI-90en2012 Quality requirements NH90 (catalog parts)   NC
Boeing Chinook Appendix I  BNG-3050  Chinook program   CH

MALD (Raytheon)

Airbus A350

Appendix I-Raytheon MALD fuselage assembly program 





Airbus A400M (IPP) ExhB-A400M Ice Protection Plates   AI
Boeing 737 (BAC-parts) ExhB-2enBoeing 737 (BAC/BMS-parts)   BT
Boeing 747-8 (BAC-parts) ExhB-2enBoeing 747-8 (BAC/BMS-parts)   BJ
Cessna AppB-CEen Cessna   CE
Sea Sparrow MK20 MOD 1 - lot 68 ExhB-Sea Sparrow MK20 MOD 1 - lot 68   PU
JSF Flaperon/IFOD AppB-SQAR-AESP-JSF-08-11680-01   JF
P&W Engine Parts Program ExhB2enPW JSF   PX
P&W Engine Parts Program Form "risk-based AS9102 FAI P&W"   PX-FAI
F16 (MLU) AppB-16en2008 F16   ZZ
KDA/Kongsberg Shelters Appendix I ORI-3010 KDA ORICOPA Shelters   PE
INSTA Shelters (1) Critical parts F/QP-INSTA-2010-01 rev. 1   IN01
INSTA Shelters (2) Non critical parts F/QP-INSTA-2010-02 rev. 1   IN02
INSTA Shelters (3) Standard/catalog parts F/QP-INSTA-2010-03 rev. 1   IN03