The Fokker Academy

Based on 100 years of learning-by-doing and educating our people ourselves, we can proudly say we provide our employees with advanced aerospace expertise and experience. Together with the best universities and other knowledge partners around the world we continuously challenge and support them to develop their skills.

Craftsmanship, knowhow and people development are the cornerstones of our continued strive to perform beyond excellence and support our clients. That is why we value our professionals. That is why we invest extensively in learning and development. 

From the first day at Fokker onwards (and even before) employees are supported with specialized training and peer-learning. For each customer program we develop custom-made courses and yearly every employee has to pass his or her functional skills trainings to stay up-to-date and comply with aerospace regulation and customer demands.  We ensure that current and future capabilities, required to enable business strategy and long term employability of our people, are identified and maintained.

Aerospace is not something you learn from the books. Experience is everything. Fokker Technologies is grounded on a long history of building and maintaining aircrafts and can therefor rely on a broad range of in-company knowhow.  To stay ahead, we 

  • work on innovation with partners from industry and science
  • develop  integral learning programs on key-technologies and functions
  • support sharing and retention of knowhow between companies and generations

Personal development
We focus on the talents people have. We support employees with clear learning paths to develop their potential, follow one of the many career paths within Fokker or, for example, combine work with study to earn a higher education degree. The aim is to allow mutually beneficial organizational and personal goals to be achieved.

In today’s complex aerospace business, where no one company can build an airplane anymore, leadership is key-to-success.  We seek for leaders with impact and the inspirational capability to engage people beyond the level of today’s excellence. We provide just-in-time training and dedicated learning programs for every management. F.e. the two year Fokker traineeship – best traineeship Benelux 2013, the internal Young Potential Program and a global Leadership Challenge for the next generation MT leaders.
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Learning @ Fokker
Learning @ Fokker is powered by the Fokker Academy. The Fokker Academy develops high impact training solutions where theory becomes practice and learning becomes result.