The increased complexity involving Electrical Wiring Integration Systems (EWIS), development and production into the modern airframe involves control of an enormous amount of data. All data elements need to be controlled for each specific aircraft tail number. This adds up to billions of data elements that need to be managed during production in an ever growing database. Very powerful automated tools and proces are needed to manage these challenges.

Fokker Elmo has developed a tool to handle this task, which is acknowledged to be the leader throughout the aircraft wiring industry. The Wiring Design and Manufacturing System (WDMS) is fully capable of processing the necessary quantities of data, while managing these design elements in one single database. Most importantly, it has direct digital interface capability, thus eliminating the risk of a mismatch between design and manufacturing data. WDMS not only offers unique functionality in management of data, but also in integration of data, interfacing with other systems and automated data exchange.

WDMS is built on a web-based environment. With a firewall validation on originator location, and strong authentication of users, this provides a single database environment with worldwide access with the highest possible security.


Fokker Elmo is strongly positioned as a dedicated specialist for Electrical Systems &
Electronics for Aerospace and Defense applications. Fokker Elmo’s core expertise lies in
the design, certification and production of electrical interconnection systems for aircraft,
associated equipment and engines. The company’s core attention is centered on wire
harnesses for which the organization has a dedicated partnership with other global aviation

Our product portfolio consists of the following products:

Electrical wiring harnesses for:

  • Civil Commercial Aircraft

  • Business Jet

  • Helicopter Civil & Defense

  • Aero Engines and APU's Civil & Defense

  • Mission Aircraft Defense 

  • UAV Defense & Civil

  • Defense Fighter Aircraft

  • Missile applications

  • Special applications and systems

Electrical distribution systems:

  • Electrical flight deck panels
  • Electronic equipment for utility system control
  • Installation and systems integration