We know that keeping your aircraft operations running day to day effectively, requires the availability of a certain level of engineering expertise and services. In certain unique situations you may run short on engineering capacity or knowledge. In such situations the Engineering Services department of Fokker Services can truly add value to your operation or organization. Specialized in aircraft engineering support, the Engineering Services department will take care of your technical and operational concerns. Our heritage and knowledge finds its roots in the aircraft manufacturing and support of Fokker aircraft and is now utilized towards a large range of other aircraft types as well, such as Airbus, ATR, Boeing and Bombardier.
Fokker Services has its signature worldwide and especially on various advanced aircraft types.
See Fokker’s Footprint per aircraft type.
With various high level of technical specialism and capabilities in-house and also being a division of GKN Aerospace, Fokker Services will expand your engineering network further and will add value to your engineering activities the moment you need it the most.

For Innovative Engineering Services and Solutions

Fokker Services provides you with highly skilled and flexible engineering solutions to support, extend and enhance your own engineering capabilities. You can think of:

  • Assistance in complex technical complaints
  • Updates of Technical Publications
  • Maintenance Programs & Reliability Analysis
  • Engineering to enable Aircraft Configuration Alterations
  • Technical & Operational Q&A (fully supported via Customer Portal online)
  • Support during and after the incorporation of Engineering Bulletins
  • On Site Technical Support

We invite you to contact Fokker Services via e-mail for further inquiry on our Engineering Services.