In 1911, 21 year-old Anthony Fokker flew his home-built Aircraft 'the Spider' over the city of Haarlem. In 1919, he was one of the first to see the opportunities of aviation and the revolution this would bring about and founded the 'Nederlandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek'. By 1925 Fokker had grown to be the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, with plants in the Netherlands and USA.

For decades Fokker successfully manufactured a wide range of military and commercial airplanes, many iconic flights were made in Fokker aircraft in the early years of aviation. In 1955 the Fokker F27 Friendship made its maiden flight. It became one of Fokker's greatest accomplishments, over 750 F27s have been manufactured. Following this success, Fokker once again presented itself as an innovative leader with the F28, the first short-haul jet ever to take flight, followed in the eighties and the nineties by the signature aircraft: the Fokker 50, the Fokker 100 and the Fokker 70.

Today, the deep knowledge of aircraft as a whole, together with innovative skills and entrepreneurship still form the driving force behind Fokker Technologies. 

Below an overview of the different Fokker eras: