Start-up together with Fokker Services

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining us!

Fokker Services B.V. wants to work together with start-up companies. We are confident that this can add significant value to both the start-up company as well as to Fokker Services. As part of this vision, we want to encourage start-ups to explore new markets and build new relations in the aviation sector. How will we do this? We can start by providing you, as a start-up, more market exposure by exhibiting your company and products at the Hamburg Aircraft Interior Exposition (AIX) in 2019 at the Fokker booth.!
So, what now? First, due to the limited space at the booth, we are organizing a “Pitch Your Start-up” event here at Fokker Services on the mid of January. Signup for the pitch event by filling in the registration form below before the 31st of December. We will then send you an invitation with further details about the event. During this event we want to: 
  • Get acquainted with you and your business
  • Let you pitch your product/value preposition to qualify for Hamburg AIX 2019
  • Select the start-ups that will be joining us at the Fokker booth
If it’s not physically possible for you to attend the event, please let us know in the registration form below. 
What happens after the Hamburg AIX 2019? Fokker Services is currently engaging in collaborative product development with start-ups. If your start-up was chosen to join us at the Hamburg AIX 2019, we will assess how we can continue our collaboration while offering access to our extensive resources and experience!

Fokker Services B.V. is happy to collaborate with start-ups and welcomes innovation! 

Some other benefits: cooperation with 3 Dutch Universities, Incubators, Accelerators & KLM MRO Lab!

Want to know more about Fokker Services, please read more here.


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